Richard Borges

Monday, 21 March 2011

Having worked in fashion and lived in East London for the last 2 years I've come across more fashion designers than I'd care to shake a stick at, but none as dedicated and talented as my dear friend (and fellow Scot) Richard Borges. It wasn't until one day I recieved a frantic call from him babbling some nonsense about a pattern for a sleeve, that I decided to go over and let him use me as a human pin cushion.

I was amazed at the samples. They were classic designs- with an edge, but fit like a glove!

As well as Richard's 2011 collection he also offers a luxurious basics range named 23 7. Think Cashmere blend T-shirts so soft you wont want to take them off, adorned with very slick prints.

My birthday is is June babes. I'll have 1 of each

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