Oversize Me

Monday, 25 April 2011

If, like me you are a fan of all things comfy and slouchy, then you will be pleased to know the oversized look is still in. I have been a huge fan of all things oversized ever since the episode of Sex and the City where Carries wears a mans oversized white shirt belted at the waist with nothing but a pair of heels and a smile.

In my opinion, the Olsen twins have the look perfected

I love the simplicity of the outfits. Pairing an oversized Hoodie or Lumberjack shirt with some opaques and heels works perfectly. The heels take the whole ensemble from slouchy to sexy.

I've already started on my pattern for my new oversized sweater, although I'm using the knitting machine this time!

Oh! And the Aran Sweater is coming along swimmingly!


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