Defunct Band #1

Friday, 20 May 2011

My Defunct Band section will pay homage to the best bands out there no longer making music for our listening pleasure, and hopefully-if you are unaware of any of these artists- give you a chance to experience some spine tingling beats for the first (and hopefully not last) time.

To kick-start the DB# section I am turning to 5 guys from Washington D.C. who made their way on to the post-hardcore scene in 2001 and continued to titillate our senses for 3 glorious years. Yes, I am of course talking about 'Black Eyes'.

They are most recognised for their on-stage set up, which consisted of 2 drummers and 2 bass players at either end of the stage and 1 guitarist who took his position at the centre of the group. Most notably is the entire bands involvement with percussion, and the dual vocals from guitarist Dan McCormick and bass player Hugh McElroy, which are evident throughout the Black Eyes discography.

Black Eyes released their self titled album in 2003 after their 7" release for Some Boys/ Shut Up I Never in 2002. For me this record is still the peak for the band. With songs like 'Deformative' and 'A Pack of Wolves' you really get a feel for the raw, and energetic sound the guys purvey.

The band split up just before their second release in 2004. 'Cough' sees a much fresher sound and the introduction of the saxophone throughout the album, which accompanies the signature dual vocals. Tracks such as 'False Positive' and 'Fathers of Daughters' are stand out tracks on this release.

Here is a set of 3 videos from a live performance the band did at the Happy Birthday Hideout in Brooklyn in 2002. The sound isn't great but it really gives you an insight to what you could expect from a live show.

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