Miles Aldridge

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"...the world is just not being designed with aesthetics as a priority. So I prefer to rebuild the world instead of photographing the real one. What I'm trying to do is take something from real life and reconstruct it in a cinematic way."

I'm sure most people are aware of the work of British born fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. If not, what have you been doing? Hiding under a rock?

Miles' subjects are generally a host of beautiful girls, scantily clad in surreal situations. His work is most identifiable by the saturated colour and unexpected backdrops. A lot of the time the surroundings are those of which he has constructed in a studio.

One of the most popular shoots (you will see why) was the 'The Vagaries of Fashion' shoot with Norwegian model Siri Tollerod for Vogue Italia in May 2008.

The use of saturated colour and attention to detail is absolutely amazing!

Most recently, the editorial for 'A Precious Glam' for Vogue Italia in March 2011, shows a selection of the most beautiful couture gowns with a real 50's vibe. The whole shoot can be found here.

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