Saturday, 5 November 2011

I have been a little absent from the blogosphere for a while now. I have been stuck a creative slump and unable to dig myself out, until now!

I have left my old job and just started as the Visual Manager at the COS (Collection of Style) store in Glasgow. I know getting back into a creative role is exactly what I've been missing and know it won't be long until my creative juices start flowing again outside of work.

The COS image is everything which appeals to me, luxe fabrics, knitwear, oversized sweaters, and collars galore! The minimal style and enticing colour palette is right up my street, I'm so excited to get stuck in.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the womenswear collection

However, if you are near a store, I seriously suggest you visit as there are much more amazing pieces in store.

All of the above items are available from here- if you live in Europe- to anyone outside of Europe, please be patient! I'm sure it won't be long until COS takes over the world!

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