Louis Vuitton Fetish Boots

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

In Scotland, it rains around 90% of the year. This isn't based on actual figures but that's what it feels like anyway (yes, even in Summer...)

Unfortunately the classic Wellies are usually clumpy, ugly and make my legs look like little chicken legs... UNTIL NOW! The amazing Louis Vuitton Fetish Boots have arrived in store and are the things dreams are made of- unfortunately for me though I don't have the spare $1040 that they retail for.

A little more affordable would be these Gucci Devendra Wellies, I'm still not sure I'd like to pay £190 for a pair of rubber shoes though...

So it looks like my hunt continues, or until the high street start knocking out the replicas!
(Source here, here and here)

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