Double Denim

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hearing the words 'Double Denim' together in a sentence 10 years ago would automatically make us think of the image above and shriek, letting out a noise that we never knew were capable of making. Or, if you are from this side of the water, perhaps you were thinking more along the lines of this...

Whatever it makes you think of, fear not! Double denim as we once seen it is gone forever and a new breed of cool has arrived. Tipped for big things in 2012, here's a how-to guide:

The Double Denim look seems to come hand-in-hand with a laid-back, casual feel. I'm hoping to see a more structured, sophisticated look for the new year, ala Celine (who else?)

Although I do love the Whitney Port look with the Pastel bottoms- I don't think we'll see enough sun to carry it off, here's hoping for a good summer!
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