Just Kids

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Having read the Patti Smith memoir "Just Kids" last year, it quickly made it's way to the top of my 'best ever reads' list. The book was so inspiring- conjuring up images of 1960's New York, where Smith and the late photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, lived an envious, bohemian lifestyle.

I shrieked with delight when I saw the images for the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign. Straight away the art direction was apparent. Shot in the Hotel Chelsea (where Smith and Mapplethorpe lived for a period) by Steven Meisel, it shows models Laura Kampman, Juliane Grüner, Rosie Tapner and Kirstin Liljegre take on the rock persona in this jaw-dropping editorial

And I haven’t even mentioned the clothes yet! OH THE CLOTHES! if you haven’t seen it already view the full collection here

Nicolas Ghesquière, I salute you

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