Louise Mills Textiles

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Having visited the Glasgow School of Art degree show this year, I was so surprised at the amount of woven pieces on show. I'd say a good third of the class chose weave as their specialism, whereas, when I graduated from Art School in Dundee, in 2006, I was 1 of 4 or 5 weavers! I'm not really too sure why the boom, as there aren't many specialised jobs available in this field- perhaps it has to do with the advancement in technology.

If you don't know much about the subject, let me fill you in a little. It is a very time consuming, mind boggling task at times (did I mention it was also extremely NOISY?). You can spend days designing, calculating (there is a LOT of mathematics involved) spinning, threading, and setting up your work, ready to weave, then realise you've made a mistake and need to re-thread. Let's have another focus on the threading- imagine yourself hunched over a loom, pulling hundreds of threads through a tiny eyelet in a specific order to get the desired pattern you require. It really does require the patience of a saint...now let me get to the point...Anyone who has continued to pursue the subject off their own back and financing after graduating really deserves a gold medal, cue Louise Mills Textiles.

Louise has set up a studio space in her flat, her love for the craft is obvious through her sheer dedication and hard work and patience. The thing I love about Louise's work is her use of colour. She places colours together that perhaps wouldn't be obvious choices, but they seem to work so well.

Make sure you visit her Facebook page and give it a like. It's always nice to show support to young designers (speaking of, have you followed Skrinkladoo on Facebook or Twitter yet?) It would also be nice to hear from you if you are a weaver or a knitter, I'm always interested in new design. Just leave a comment or drop me an email


  1. Thanks Lou for this lovely post and kind words. It makes all the hard work more worth it to hear positive feedback and encourages me to keep hunching over my loom xx

  2. No worries my love. I think a Lou x 2 collab is on the cards soon... :)

  3. yes! could be very exciting and colourful! x

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