Thursday, 13 December 2012

So myself and my better half recently moved into a new place and amidst the painting and cleaning we are trying to add our own stamp to make the place feel more homely! I think the most personal touch to any home is by far the artwork. I am constantly searching for different artists and work to showcase in frames around the flat. For some reason I've never really been one for displaying photographs around my home, I just prefer art.

I bought some prints last year from OBEY and have been searching (not too actively!) for a good framers since then. I think I've finally found one so hopefully I can get these up in the flat in no time

I've always loved the "AndrĂ© the Giant Has a Posse" campaign so I was over the moon when I finally got these guys delivered. They came with a few postcards and stickers attached, which was a really cool addition to the package. One of the postcards was this one, which immediately had to be framed

This just reminded me of a few cool pieces of art I snapped back in New York in March, which until now have lay dormant on my iPhone so I thought I'd share.

I'll get some pictures up of the framed pics as soon as they are mounted, pride and place on the walls. In the meantime you cann follow me on instagram @skrinkladoo

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