Atoms for Peace

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Atoms for Peace is the supergroup fronted by Radiohead's lead singer, Thom Yorke. They have just released the first song from the new 'Amok' called Judge Jury and Executioner.

To say I haven't had it off repeat for the last week would be an understatement. The video is pretty mesmerising too. Hella excited to hear the entire album. You can download the single and pre-order the album, due out February 25th, right over here.

The artwork, by Stanley Donwood is AMAZING. In full (which you can see right here, if you're prepared to wait for the page to load!) it shows the burning and demise of Los Angeles. It has be painted onto a building in LA  to create this GIF as part of a project called "Hollywood Dooom"

 photo skrink-atoms07_zpsb8141a5e.gif

Pretty cool!!


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